Updated for 2018 – New candidates questionnaire results

The issues addressed in the new candidates questionnaire were chosen based on P.R. Voices Community Values Survey and critical issues voted on by city council. We conducted 550 surveys over four months. The survey itself was based on values identified in the city’s Sustainability Charter and sample interviews with citizens.

These values direct our work:

  • Genuine public engagement reflected in local government decisions.
  • Fair taxes based on the principle of ability to pay.
  • Public support of local agriculture aimed at food security.
  • Keeping local services firmly in public hands and public control.
  • Community commitment to culture and the arts.
  • Diversification of the economy to achieve long term resiliency and youth retention.
  • Economic development that protects health and the environment.
  • A high priority on conservation, waste reduction and addressing climate change.


Council Voting Record     New (2018) Candidates’ Survey Answers 

Previous (2014) Candidates’ Survey Answers